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About us​



We are a photographic business with s vision that goes far beyond the picture. Depth Perception was founded and established by Corey Rush, photographer, editor and recording music artist.

Mr. Rush was born in our nation's capital, Washington D.C. Very young he was raised in the expanding city of Columbia, Maryland. He attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh as well as University of Maryland Global Campus where he studied a collaborative of; Industrial Design, Advertising and Marketing.

Depth Perception specializes in professional portrait photography, product photography, seasonal and occasional photo sessions; holidays, birthdays, weddings, ceremonies, prom, etc. 

Scenery and modeling shots are two of our most recognized content. Professional equipment, such as drones, are accessible upon request and are used to capture complete environments or to provide a virtual experience!


by Corey Rush

Just a Matter of Time......




The Emotion Behind It

That feeling when you finally...

We Started at last!

In a beginning it was just an idea or emotion that I had. Finding a way to bring everyone closer was the objective. I felt the need to provide an outlet to promote artist at no cost - just to benefit off of networking opportunities. 


"That feeling when you..."  is a slogan I came up with.  You can finish the sentence however you like. For example, "That feeling when you finally graduate college" or "That feeling when you finally get the job you wanted" or like most of us, "That feeling when you finally get home from work"

At that time in my life it meant that feeling when you ...have it figured out! At last! So I called it 'At last'. Technically, it's @last. A promotional brand designed to push the culture of art, primarily music related content. 

Check us out on IG @AtlastPromotions

DepthPerception came shortly after. While @last is in full support of artists, DepthPerception is personal. All photography, painting and music compositions belong to DepthPerception.  

Check us out on IG @Depth_Perception_ig    OR   @Talentz_A_R_T